Crawling to the Crawler Milestone


Look at your Crawler go!  

Babies at the Crawler stage will amaze you with their sheer strength and energy! Your baby will be on the move—going from rolling, to crawling with her tummy off the floor, to pulling herself up.

Once she's reached this new milestone of Crawling, you’ll also notice her hand and eye coordination get better, as she starts to feed herself with her fingers.

Her personality is coming out now that your baby is crawling. Socially, she’ll be very affectionate toward you and people she knows, but shy with strangers. You may start to hear “mama,” “dada,” and other simple words.


Don’t worry if your little one isn’t developing at the same rate as others at this stage; she’ll master it all on her own time. If you’re ever concerned about your child's development, talk to your pediatrician.

Baby developmental milestones
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Little one is Crawler and my oldest is toddler 2+ :) love the crawling stage!

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