Your Preschooler


Your Preschooler is 2 years old & gaining independence 

The Preschooler Milestone is for children aged 2 years and older who are mastering self-feeding. Your child is experiencing lots of changes right now—she’s a bundle of energy and activity who’s busy exploring her world and growing into a more independent little person.  

Once she has reached the Preschooler developmental milestone, her physical skills are getting better every day. She can jump in place and has more refined, precise and coordinated movements.

Her cognitive skills and personality are shining through. She’s becoming more aware of herself as a person who’s separate from others, which is a big step in her personality development. She’s also learning to socialize and beginning to show interest in peers.  

What to expect from a Preschooler

Expect a little bit of what is commonly referred to as the “terrible twos" too. During this Preschooler developmental milestone, she can be pretty self-centered, as she’s trying to be more independent. You may find yourself involved in some serious power struggles, and be on the receiving end of quite a few tantrums! Then comes the “why?” and “no!” phase, so get ready for lots of questions—and lots of answers back.  

When it comes to eating, she’s starting to master new skills and the use of utensils. She can flex her wrist and put a filled spoon into her mouth (although she’ll probably still spill a lot). Her biting and chewing is improving too, as she can now chew harder foods like meats and raw vegetables cut into bite-sized pieces (under Mom or Dad’s supervision).  

Lastly, your Preschooler may continue to show “neophobia” (the fear of new foods) and changes in food preferences. She may start refusing foods she previously liked, like foods she’s familiar with, or like to eat only certain foods at certain times. She can be a little bundle of contradictions! 

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