The experts at Gerber have designed the GRADUATES® line of snacks for the developmental and nutritional needs at each stage, from Crawler to Preschooler. Read the package for the developmental cues that indicate when your child may be ready for each product.


34 products

Gerber® offers a range of nutritious, delicious snacks made just for your Crawler.

Organic Yogurt Melts®—Red Berries Flavor
Organic Yogurt Melts®

Red Berries

Puffs—Strawberry Apple

Strawberry Apple

Lil’ Crunchies®—Mild Cheddar
Lil’ Crunchies®

Mild Cheddar

Yogurt Blends Snack—Blueberry with Whole Grains
Yogurt Blends Snack

Blueberry with Whole Grains

Yogurt Melts® — Peach
Yogurt Melts®


30 products

Gerber® Toddler snacks are made with your toddler’s nutritional and developmental needs in mind.

Toddler Pouches— Sweet Potato Mango Pear Kale
Toddler Pouches

Sweet Potato Mango Pear Kale

Organic Veggie Crisps — Farm Greens
Organic Veggie Crisps

Farm Greens

2nd Foods® Pouches— Apple Strawberry Banana
2nd Foods® Pouches

Apple Strawberry Banana

Banana Cookies
Toddler Snacks

Banana Cookies

Yogurt Blends Snack — Mixed Berry
Yogurt Blends Snack

Mixed Berry

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