Your Sitter's nutrition

  • Sitters may be interested in table foods, but aren’t developmentally ready for them yet.
  • Iron is important to your Sitter’s nutrition—it helps support healthy brain development.
  • Check out our useful chart to learn about serving size examples for each food group that are appropriate for your Sitter’s growth and development.

When introducing new foods to your baby, it’s important to keep your Sitter’s nutrition in mind. Your baby may want to try the foods that she sees her family eating, even though she may have just started eating solid foods. But she’s not ready for table foods just yet…

Once your Sitter has mastered Iron-rich infant cereal and single fruits and vegetables baby food, try adding meat or poultry and combination baby food to give her the variety she needs.

Baby's main dish

At this stage, breastmilk or infant formula should still be the main source of your Sitter's nutrition.

Foods for your Sitter's nutrition

You can introduce variety—while still keeping breastmilk or formula as her main source of nutrition. Early exposure to a variety of new foods and flavors is important to help with acceptance. Here is a helpful food chart that shows the suggested daily intake of food groups and examples of products that meet your Sitter’s nutritional needs:

Food Group Daily Intake* Serving Size Example Product Example
Breastmilk or infant formula 24 fl oz. On demand Stage 1 GERBER® GOOD START® Gentle Formula

Stage 2 GERBER® GOOD START® Gentle Formula
Grains and cereals


cup (8 Tbsp.)
Twice a day – ¼ cup (4 Tbsp.) dry infant cereal with Iron GERBER® Single-Grain Cereals (Oatmeal, Rice)
GERBER® Organic Oatmeal Cereal
GERBER® DHA & Probiotic Cereals (Oatmeal,  Rice)
GERBER® Organic Rice Cereal
GERBER® Whole Wheat Cereal
Vegetables ¼ cup Twice a day – 2 Tbsp. vegetable puree baby food GERBER® 2ND FOODS® Vegetables
GERBER® Organic 2ND FOODS® Vegetables
Fruits ¼ cup Twice a day – 2 Tbsp. fruit puree baby food GERBER® 2ND FOODS® Fruits
GERBER® Organic 2ND FOODS® Fruits
Meat ½ oz. Twice a day – 1 Tbsp. of puree baby food meat or poultry GERBER® 2ND FOODS® Meats
* Your baby’s needs may be greater or less than these stated; always follow your baby’s hunger and fullness cues

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Iron is important for your Sitter's growth and development

It’s been found that around 12% of babies, ages 6 to 11 months, are not getting enough Iron daily. Iron supports healthy brain development and helps your baby’s red blood cells carry oxygen around her body.

At around the middle of the first year, the natural Iron supply, which babies are born with, runs out. Breastfed babies need supplemental Iron at this time, which can be found in infant cereal and pureed meats.
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